Time zones made simpler!

Distraction free way to check-up on world times and your upcoming meetings.

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Works flawlessly out-of-the box

Plus tons of customization options.


No need to open an app or a website to see world times.


Plan meetings in the future with the Time Scroller.


View your upcoming events right in your menubar.

Timezones. Your way.

Clocker is perfect for showing just the UTC timezone in your menubar or tracking your team of 10 spread across the world. Advanced customization options allows you to customize the time-format, personalize the label, add a note and much more.

Keep up with meetings.

Integrated with Apple's calendar, Clocker can quickly show your upcoming meeting details. See your schedule for today and tomorrow through the panel. Events with Zoom™️ invites automatically show a button in the panel so you can quickly join your next 1-1 without opening a bunch of apps.

Slide in to the future.

With the Time Scroller, you can now easily answer questions like "What time will it be in London when it's 7 PM locally?". Plan your meetings with colleagues or family around the world without doing any mental math.