Open Source

Clocker is a menu bar utility to keep track of your friends in different time zones. 4K+ active daily users.
Public-apis is a curated list of common and obscure APIs from round the web.
Dash allows you to browse restaurants from your macOS terminal. Fun little project where I learnt the valuable life skill of conducting a man in the middle attack.


Reddit-Twitter Bot

Python bot which tweets all the post titles and URLs from the r/chelsea subreddit to a twitter account (@chelseareddit).



BookDrAppointment is the appointment app for the real millennial generation. Find & book appointments with doctors, diagnostic labs. Ask free health questions to doctors or get free tips from health experts.



This is the mobile edition of the world class platform (totally okay if you’ve never heard about it). You can use it to access your account across a variety of brokerage companies around the world.


SonarX – Apple Inc

Super secretive Apple internal app. On a serious note, Sonar is Apple’s request tracking app used by a host of business groups for request resolution. Looks like One of the major reasons why Apple has $212398 billion cash in the bank right now.